Nouveau - Ships Decanter, 225mm (Gift Boxed) (Product Code: NOUSHIPS)

A beautiful and elegant British hand cut and hand made Ships Decanter

This exquisite ships decanter is a modern twist on antique decanter.

Hand made and mouth blown

Perfect for spirits or to allow fine wine to breathe
Height: 225mm | 8.75"
Width at widest point: 185mm

A versatile decanter for Port, Wine or Spirits

Created for the storing or serving of port wines and spirits, Royal Scot Crystal's ships decanters is made from the finest crystal but simple and classical in design to suit every purpose.

The Royal Scot Crystal Ships Decanter is the ideal finishing touch to any table setting or display cabinet.

Supplied in blue card gift boxes with gold foil blocking.

Height 225mm, capacity 75ml (26oz)

(VAT exempt)